a virtuous legacy for the young Guru followers

It is already too late to protect the people of backward communities and scheduled caste / scheduled tribes of Kerala which form the majority of hindus, from the exploitation of the two political front as they are being victimised on one hand by the highly organised minorities and on the other hand the cleverly created upper caste dominated leadership and muscle power driven left parties shedding crocodile tears on their poor plight.

Shri Vellapalli Natesan, the most popular & and beloved leader of SNDP is the most appropriate choice for projecting as C M candidate for the next general election in Kerala. First, a political party involving all hindu outfits, even if Perunna does not cooperate, should be formed and the same may be made as an alliance partner of National N D A. Then Vellapalli Natesan be declared as the consensus candidate for C M in Kerala. Cutting across any political affiliation, all those people believe in Sree Narayana Guru philosophy would silently vote for him. The support of other hindu factions & BJP will bring thumbing majority. The new political party so made shall be a National Party and would, by and large, emerge as a replacement to CPI(M) in some states.  

This would be the befitting benefit, a dynamic leader like Vellapalli Natesan can give to the young generation, as it is golden opportunity to create an apt political platform for the young & upcoming Guru followers and other suppressed Hindu Communities to arrest their becoming political tools in the hands of present political outfits where they are merely exploited. 

KK Sasidharan, Bhopal

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