Electoral Power

A very conducive political environment is now available in Kerala for the Sree Narayana Guru followers – mainly ezhava community- to unite and demonstrate their electoral power. Everybody will, in my opinion, agree that the ezhavas are widely scattered among the available political outfits without registering their united strength and therefore majority of them are used as political tools in the hands of minorities and the so called upper caste political pundits. The unity among ezhavas, other backward communities, scheduled castes and tribes, if emerged, would be a great bargaining power in the Kerala Politics. It is already late to realize that unless these communities stand united for the welfare and development of them, the different political exploiters will always keep them fighting each other on one or the other pretext to maintain their supremacy and gradually ruin them, forget their welfare and progress through these political masters. It is the time to realize that their very respectable existence and dignified generations ahead demands such a wise step at least now.

The most ideal step at this juncture is to take lead by the SNDP and form a new political party to provide platform to associate and work together by ezhavas, all like minded other backward communities, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and then associate with the NDA as an alliance partner. This would definitely be beneficial for the BJP to gain strength in Kerala along-with this new political party on one side and on the other side it would give a strong political platform for the young dynamic leaders belonging to these communities who are till now used and exploited by the LDF & UDF for their political gain.

Forming a political party and aligning with BJP as NDA partner is a very delicate step and has to be handled very sensibly as BJP will always try to twist the situation to line up SNDP behind it and take a lead of everything. If such situation emerges, it will be more suicidal for the ezhavas and other backward communities, as the so called savarna domination shall spoil the political ambitions of these communities more vigorously than the LDF and UDF. The ground reality is that BJP shall not be able to create a political wave in Kerala unless they get to align with the new political party being formed under the leadership of the SNDP. It is therefore, very much apt that they agree for fighting the Kerala general election under the popular SNDP leadership as an alliance partner of NDA. This would emotionally bring a lot of votes from the vote bank of right and left apart from the strategic votes. An appropriate election plan and work coupled with the shift of such emotional vote bank shall give a thumping majority to rule. Once it happens, the party formed shall be a powerful base for the generations to stay as a shareholder of power in Kerala.

Time is the essence of all wise decisions and the appropriate occasion enriches the success. The significance is of the time for punch. Let us look forward for the emergence of a great political reformation in Kerala by next general election.

K K Sasidharan

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  1. Maneesh Mohanan says:

    Congrats on the blog. Nice read, but why do we need to make a new political party? Why not support the BJP and become the main constituent of it, the community or caste that gives major boost to BJP’s fortune in Kerala thereby offering people outside Kerala also some leverage and voice, else it will have little relevance nationally and our community leaders will always be not more than regional leaders in stature, that too with limited fruits of power, if any, if they are expecting it any time soon.

  2. CD aniyankunju says:

    I fuly agree with your mail and which is apt for the moment.
    It would be worth mentioning that decades of fierce loyalty of ezhavas to the left or right have not brought any tangible results nor it helped us in our upward fantastic and envious mobility. It is time Ezhavas, as a whole, jettison the deceivers called the left rascals and embrace a new entity under the leadership of VN with the full backing of BJP functionaries so as to gain benefit rather than using us as the cannon fodder for their partisan pol goal.
    It is gratifying to note that the rousing welcome that VN receives on his ongoing pgme. But, whether these gathering would really translate into votes is a million dollar question as we never learn from the past or from the past mistakes. The humiliation suffered by the veteran Gowriamma and even achumama at the hands of the so-called upper caste thugs are still fresh in our minds. Hope, this time Ezhavas would wake up for their own right and rightful place.

    thanx and regards

    CD Aniyankunju

  3. Rakesh Kumar says:

    I am not agree with this type of cocktail electoral power , and why so late SNDP jumped into the political platform it is not for the benefit of the community its just a personal business interest and not in line to Gurudevan’s wishes.

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